Google I/​O 2012

Tomor­row marks the begin­ning of Google I/​O, the com­pa­ny’s annual devel­oper con­fer­ence.  There are usu­ally a series of sig­nif­i­cant announce­ments dur­ing the keynotes each day.  Rumors for this year include a pos­si­ble Nexus tablet. I was lucky to get to go twice while I worked at Google — it’s a pretty cool event.

Google has this new live­blog tool that will stream video and announce­ments.  I’m embed­ding it here.

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Personal E‑mail Metrics

Adven­tures in per­sonal met­rics. Here some inter­est­ing stats on my email habits since May 2007 — five years ago next week, when I grad­u­ated from col­lege and first started using Gmail full-time.

~22,000 con­ver­sa­tions. I started 15% of them and replied to 17% of the rest. 4,011 dif­fer­ent peo­ple sent me emails, and a sur­pris­ing 78% of those were sent directly to me rather than to a mail­ing list.

(Note: although I was­n’t orig­i­nally, I have become more judi­cious about actu­ally delet­ing emails that don’t need to be archived, like pro­mo­tional emails or newslet­ters. So I think some of these num­bers may be skewed).

I like that my responses to peo­ple are shorter and quicker than their responses to me. :)

(Col­lected using Gmail Meter).