As you can see below, I went to the BCS Cham­pi­onship Game to watch the Crim­son Tide take the national cham­pi­onship. It was, in a word, sweet. My par­ents flew back up to San Fran­cisco with me to meet Claire, see my apart­ment for the first time, and cel­e­brate my mom’s birth­day. We had a really nice time.

I will not be a Har­vard man, hav­ing received a “no” from their JD admis­sions office. Alas. More good options yet!

I received a really nice award from Google this week for work­ing on these. We also launched the big inter­nal project I’ve been lead­ing, and I was nicely rewarded for that as well. They like me over there.

Mr. Ans­ley will be pay­ing me a visit in SF next week, which will be epic.

I’m pumped about my trip to Aus­tralia with Claire, begin­ning at the end of the month.

That’s it!

Recent pics

Here are some recent pic­tures I’ve taken.

From the BCS Cham­pi­onship Game in Pasadena (Roll Tide!):

From my par­ents’ visit to SF (happy birth­day Mom!):

Other Life Updates

I was pro­moted about a month ago to “Legal Assis­tant II.”  Not a func­tional change, but came with a nice lit­tle raise.  I also led the launch of a cool inter­nal tool for our depart­ment; should­n’t say much about it, but it has been fun to act like a Prod­uct Man­ager for a few months!

Lots of buzz in the the air about all sorts of stuff in the tech world the past sev­eral weeks and months.  What a priv­i­lege it is to be in the mid­dle of it all.

First Law School News, and Killing Time

I heard back from one of the schools to which I applied for early non-bind­ing admis­sion.  They said that while they were able to make final accept/​deny deci­sions for most of the 1,500 early appli­ca­tions they received, they were going to hold mine for fur­ther con­sid­er­a­tion dur­ing the gen­eral admis­sions cycle.  Bet­ter than a “no”, and it was a top 15 school so that gives me some extra hope for the other schools!

Now that law school apps are out the door, I am look­ing for some good ways to fill my time.  I checked on French courses at the San Fran­cisco Alliance Française, but they have already started the cur­rent ses­sion.  I did­n’t have a great expe­ri­ence at the Alliance in D.C., either, so I think I’m going to pass on that.

A while back, I sent in an appli­ca­tion to be a vol­un­teer trans­la­tor for Kiva.  I took the lan­guage test this week and sent it back, so hope­fully I’ll hear back about that in the next few weeks.  I think that would be a cool thing to do.  I’m a big fan of Kiva, as I wrote a while back on Tropophilia.