Now that I’m done with sev­eral weeks of travel, it’s time for a lit­tle update here.  And first things first — I’m engaged to Claire!

Here’s a basic recap.  A lit­tle more than a month ago, with­out Claire know­ing, I flew to Seat­tle to ask her par­ents for their bless­ing.  Fast for­ward to two weeks ago, Claire thought I would be arriv­ing in D.C. on a Tues­day.  In fact, I secretly arrived in D.C. a day early.  I had Claire’s room­mate Ash­ley invite Claire out for a room­mate din­ner.  Ash­ley pre­tended that they needed to drop her boyfriend Rick off at the National Cathe­dral for a pho­tog­ra­phy class.  Rick came and met me in the nearby Bish­op’s Gar­den, then called Ash­ley to say he “for­got” a lens in the car.  Ash­ley drove back and had Claire run the lens to Rick.

When she did, I walked towards Claire — she did­n’t even rec­og­nize me at first because she thought I was dri­ving up the next day (but she assures me she thought this strange gen­tle­man smil­ing at her was very hand­some).  I took Claire to a nearby cor­ner of the gar­den with a pretty arch and foun­tain, asked her to marry me, and gave her the ring!  After call­ing friends and fam­ily we went to a lovely din­ner, and the next day went to a high ropes course in Mary­land — some­thing Claire’s wanted to do for a while now.

The dia­mond in the ring is from my grand­mother Tutu’s engage­ment ring.  We’re pretty darn excited, and are plan­ning for a fall 2013 wed­ding in the San Fran­cisco area.  Speak­ing of the San Fran­cisco area, the other good news is that I’m accept­ing a job offer from Wil­son Son­sini in Palo Alto for next fall.  The offer came about 24 hours after the pro­posal, so it was a pretty amaz­ing cou­ple of days.

I’m now back in Williams­burg to begin my third and final year of law school.  We’re well under­way into our vol­ume at the Law Review, hav­ing on-boarded a fresh batch of 2Ls last week.  I’m tak­ing a Copy­right Lit­i­ga­tion sem­i­nar, Patent Law, First Amend­ment, and Fed­eral Income Tax.  Claire is start­ing her final semes­ter of nurs­ing school at George­town, and look­ing for jobs in the Bay Area begin­ning around Feb­ru­ary 2013.

Personal E‑mail Metrics

Adven­tures in per­sonal met­rics. Here some inter­est­ing stats on my email habits since May 2007 — five years ago next week, when I grad­u­ated from col­lege and first started using Gmail full-time.

~22,000 con­ver­sa­tions. I started 15% of them and replied to 17% of the rest. 4,011 dif­fer­ent peo­ple sent me emails, and a sur­pris­ing 78% of those were sent directly to me rather than to a mail­ing list.

(Note: although I was­n’t orig­i­nally, I have become more judi­cious about actu­ally delet­ing emails that don’t need to be archived, like pro­mo­tional emails or newslet­ters. So I think some of these num­bers may be skewed).

I like that my responses to peo­ple are shorter and quicker than their responses to me. :)

(Col­lected using Gmail Meter).


Spring Break Updates

It’s been a busy sev­eral weeks.  With some time to kill dur­ing Spring Break, here’s what’s new!

I was selected as the Man­ag­ing Edi­tor for Vol­ume 54 of the William and Mary Law Review.  I’ve spent the past month putting together the year-long pub­li­ca­tion sched­ule, which I must say is quite the com­plex task.  The pub­li­ca­tion process begins in a few weeks; in the mean­time I’ll be doing edi­tor train­ing, putting together resources and tem­plates for the staff, and get­ting ready for a year of hard but reward­ing work.

Claire and I went with another cou­ple (John and Patri­cia) to Asheville this week­end for the South­ern Con­fer­ence bas­ket­ball tour­na­ment.  David­son won, in an epic dou­ble over­time match-up against West­ern Car­olina.  Claire and I also went to the Bilt­more Estate, and John, Patri­cia, and I went for a good long hike in Mon­treat.  There were a few inches of snow on the ground dur­ing the hike, but it was­n’t bad, and as you can see the spec­tac­u­lar view from the top was very much worth it:

That pic­ture was taken using the panorama fea­ture of my Galaxy Nexus.  Not bad for an Android phone, huh?

My brother Wil­son will be return­ing from deploy­ment in the next few weeks.  Hard to believe he’s done already!  He’ll have some time off in order to move across the coun­try to Charleston for his next assign­ment: nuclear power school.  It’ll be great to have him closer by for a lit­tle bit!

I’m look­ing for­ward to the sum­mer, which I’ll spend at Wil­son Son­sini Goodrich & Rosati in Palo Alto.  Cur­rently look­ing for some­where to live in June and July — let me know if you have any leads!

Anchors Aweigh

My younger brother, Wil­son, set sail on Mon­day for his first deploy­ment as an offi­cer in the United States Navy.  Above is an image of his ship — the U.S.S. Makin Island (LH‑8) — leav­ing San Diego. (Image cap­tured from this impres­sive video of the ship leav­ing the port).  The Makin Island is the first hybrid-power ship in the Amer­i­can Navy, and it also has a sys­tem to pro­duce over 200,000 gal­lons per day of fresh water from an onboard desali­na­tion sys­tem.  This is the ship’s maiden deploy­ment, hav­ing been cer­ti­fied after a series of qual­i­fy­ing exer­cises over the past year.

Although his assigned “day job” is as a pub­lic affairs offi­cer, he is one of the few offi­cers on board qual­i­fied to serve as “Offi­cer of the Deck” — that is, he has been cer­ti­fied by the cap­tain and other exec­u­tive offi­cers to com­mand the ship from the bridge when the exec­u­tive offi­cers are else­where.  He does this for six hours or so each day.  So, he is much more of a badass than me.

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1L Complete.

It’s over!  This morn­ing I put an end to my first year of law school when I handed in my law jour­nal write-on com­pe­ti­tion packet (funny story: the topic was copy­right).   The past two months have been pretty exhaust­ing, but I’m glad to be done and look­ing for­ward to get­ting to San Fran­cisco for the sum­mer.  Adven­tures will include hik­ing Half Dome, river raft­ing, prob­a­bly another cross-coun­try drive at the end of the sum­mer… oh yeah, and help­ing defend teh inter­netz.

I also wanted to point to this announce­ment that I received first place in the annual legal writ­ing com­pe­ti­tion for first year stu­dents at William & Mary.  No one actu­ally knew this com­pe­ti­tion existed until after we had turned in our required research mem­o­ran­dums, so it was a pleas­ant sur­prise to receive this award.  Not a big fan of the pic­ture they chose to use, but, hey, what can you do?