Spring Break Updates

It’s been a busy sev­eral weeks.  With some time to kill dur­ing Spring Break, here’s what’s new!

I was selected as the Man­ag­ing Edi­tor for Vol­ume 54 of the William and Mary Law Review.  I’ve spent the past month putting together the year-long pub­li­ca­tion sched­ule, which I must say is quite the com­plex task.  The pub­li­ca­tion process begins in a few weeks; in the mean­time I’ll be doing edi­tor train­ing, putting together resources and tem­plates for the staff, and get­ting ready for a year of hard but reward­ing work.

Claire and I went with another cou­ple (John and Patri­cia) to Asheville this week­end for the South­ern Con­fer­ence bas­ket­ball tour­na­ment.  David­son won, in an epic dou­ble over­time match-up against West­ern Car­olina.  Claire and I also went to the Bilt­more Estate, and John, Patri­cia, and I went for a good long hike in Mon­treat.  There were a few inches of snow on the ground dur­ing the hike, but it was­n’t bad, and as you can see the spec­tac­u­lar view from the top was very much worth it:

That pic­ture was taken using the panorama fea­ture of my Galaxy Nexus.  Not bad for an Android phone, huh?

My brother Wil­son will be return­ing from deploy­ment in the next few weeks.  Hard to believe he’s done already!  He’ll have some time off in order to move across the coun­try to Charleston for his next assign­ment: nuclear power school.  It’ll be great to have him closer by for a lit­tle bit!

I’m look­ing for­ward to the sum­mer, which I’ll spend at Wil­son Son­sini Goodrich & Rosati in Palo Alto.  Cur­rently look­ing for some­where to live in June and July — let me know if you have any leads!

Some adjustments

I spent some time last night mod­i­fy­ing the site design here.  I’m pretty pleased with it.

I’ve imple­mented new fonts by way of the Google Web Fonts col­lec­tion, which is really neat.  The titles and post text are in Quat­tro­cen­tro, while the meta text and side­bar text are in Quat­tro­cen­tro Sans.  I also fid­dled with padding and bor­ders, which I think makes the site a lit­tle friend­lier on the eyes and scannable.  Finally, on each post page, I’ve added social ele­ments: the Twit­ter “tweet” but­ton and the Google +1 but­ton.

I’ve also made some other adjust­ments in the past few months.  In par­tic­u­lar, you may have noticed the hyphen­ation in post text.  This comes via a plug-in called Hyphen­ator.  It’s not always per­fect, but I think it works rather nicely over­all.  The cat­e­gories and archives are also new and — to the extent that such things can be — fun.  They come via the Col­laps­ing Archives and Col­laps­ing Cat­e­gories plug-ins.

Let me know your thoughts!

1L Complete.

It’s over!  This morn­ing I put an end to my first year of law school when I handed in my law jour­nal write-on com­pe­ti­tion packet (funny story: the topic was copy­right).   The past two months have been pretty exhaust­ing, but I’m glad to be done and look­ing for­ward to get­ting to San Fran­cisco for the sum­mer.  Adven­tures will include hik­ing Half Dome, river raft­ing, prob­a­bly another cross-coun­try drive at the end of the sum­mer… oh yeah, and help­ing defend teh inter­netz.

I also wanted to point to this announce­ment that I received first place in the annual legal writ­ing com­pe­ti­tion for first year stu­dents at William & Mary.  No one actu­ally knew this com­pe­ti­tion existed until after we had turned in our required research mem­o­ran­dums, so it was a pleas­ant sur­prise to receive this award.  Not a big fan of the pic­ture they chose to use, but, hey, what can you do?

EFF Yeah

I’m excited to share that I’ll be spend­ing the sum­mer as a legal intern with the Elec­tronic Fron­tier Foun­da­tion (EFF) in San Fran­cisco.  I’m not sure yet what I’ll be specif­i­cally work­ing on, but I’ll gen­er­ally be con­duct­ing research, draft­ing briefs and mem­o­randa, and oth­er­wise lend­ing a hand wher­ever I can be use­ful.  I’m look­ing for­ward to a great sum­mer of hard work and lots of learn­ing!