What Is This I’m Feeling?


I’ve never focused much on Daft Punk, but if this single is indicative of the overall direction of their forthcoming album, then it’s going to be amazing.  I’m a sucker for anything with that funky disco guitar strumming in it.  Been listening to this over and over — can’t wait for the rest of the tracks.


Now that I’m done with several weeks of travel, it’s time for a little update here.  And first things first — I’m engaged to Claire!

Here’s a basic recap.  A little more than a month ago, without Claire knowing, I flew to Seattle to ask her parents for their blessing.  Fast forward to two weeks ago, Claire thought I would be arriving in D.C. on a Tuesday.  In fact, I secretly arrived in D.C. a day early.  I had Claire’s roommate Ashley invite Claire out for a roommate dinner.  Ashley pretended that they needed to drop her boyfriend Rick off at the National Cathedral for a photography class.  Rick came and met me in the nearby Bishop’s Garden, then called Ashley to say he “forgot” a lens in the car.  Ashley drove back and had Claire run the lens to Rick.

When she did, I walked towards Claire — she didn’t even recognize me at first because she thought I was driving up the next day (but she assures me she thought this strange gentleman smiling at her was very handsome).  I took Claire to a nearby corner of the garden with a pretty arch and fountain, asked her to marry me, and gave her the ring!  After calling friends and family we went to a lovely dinner, and the next day went to a high ropes course in Maryland — something Claire’s wanted to do for a while now.

The diamond in the ring is from my grandmother Tutu’s engagement ring.  We’re pretty darn excited, and are planning for a fall 2013 wedding in the San Francisco area.  Speaking of the San Francisco area, the other good news is that I’m accepting a job offer from Wilson Sonsini in Palo Alto for next fall.  The offer came about 24 hours after the proposal, so it was a pretty amazing couple of days.

I’m now back in Williamsburg to begin my third and final year of law school.  We’re well underway into our volume at the Law Review, having on-boarded a fresh batch of 2Ls last week.  I’m taking a Copyright Litigation seminar, Patent Law, First Amendment, and Federal Income Tax.  Claire is starting her final semester of nursing school at Georgetown, and looking for jobs in the Bay Area beginning around February 2013.

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