Good news!  My stu­dent note was selected for pub­li­ca­tion in the first issue of Vol­ume 54 of the William & Mary Law Review.  My note deals with the ques­tion of whether, under cur­rent law, the gov­ern­ment may for­bid social media ser­vices like Twit­ter or Face­book from being accessed in coun­tries sub­ject to U.S. export reg­u­la­tions (i.e. eco­nomic sanc­tions).  I argue that it cannot.

Issue 1 will be out around November.

Trivial Should Be Enough

Cory Doc­torow, in remark­ing on YouTube reach­ing the aston­ish­ing rate of 1 hour of video uploaded per sec­ond, shares this excerpt from a forth­com­ing book.  I thought it was really great:

A com­mon tac­tic in dis­cus­sions about the Inter­net as a free speech medium is to dis­count Inter­net dis­course as inher­ently triv­ial. Who cares about cute pic­tures of kit­tens, inar­tic­u­late YouTube trolling, and blog posts about what you had for lunch or what your tod­dler said on the way to day-care? Do we really want to trade all the plea­sure and eco­nomic activ­ity gen­er­ated by the enter­tain­ment indus­try for *that*? The usual rebut­tal is to point out all the “wor­thy” ways that we com­mu­ni­cate online: the schol­arly dis­cus­sions, the ter­mi­nally ill com­fort­ing one another, the dis­tance edu­ca­tion that lifts poor and excluded peo­ple out of their lim­ited straits, the dis­si­dents who post videos of secret police mur­der­ing street protesters.

All that stuff is impor­tant, but when it comes to inter­per­sonal com­mu­ni­ca­tions, triv­ial should be enough.

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Spring Break Updates

It’s been a busy sev­eral weeks.  With some time to kill dur­ing Spring Break, here’s what’s new!

I was selected as the Man­ag­ing Edi­tor for Vol­ume 54 of the William and Mary Law Review.  I’ve spent the past month putting together the year-long pub­li­ca­tion sched­ule, which I must say is quite the com­plex task.  The pub­li­ca­tion process begins in a few weeks; in the mean­time I’ll be doing edi­tor train­ing, putting together resources and tem­plates for the staff, and get­ting ready for a year of hard but reward­ing work.

Claire and I went with another cou­ple (John and Patri­cia) to Asheville this week­end for the South­ern Con­fer­ence bas­ket­ball tour­na­ment.  David­son won, in an epic dou­ble over­time match-up against West­ern Car­olina.  Claire and I also went to the Bilt­more Estate, and John, Patri­cia, and I went for a good long hike in Mon­treat.  There were a few inches of snow on the ground dur­ing the hike, but it was­n’t bad, and as you can see the spec­tac­u­lar view from the top was very much worth it:

That pic­ture was taken using the panorama fea­ture of my Galaxy Nexus.  Not bad for an Android phone, huh?

My brother Wil­son will be return­ing from deploy­ment in the next few weeks.  Hard to believe he’s done already!  He’ll have some time off in order to move across the coun­try to Charleston for his next assign­ment: nuclear power school.  It’ll be great to have him closer by for a lit­tle bit!

I’m look­ing for­ward to the sum­mer, which I’ll spend at Wil­son Son­sini Goodrich & Rosati in Palo Alto.  Cur­rently look­ing for some­where to live in June and July — let me know if you have any leads!