Has it been 16 months since I last posted here? Yes.

Is this shot by Steph Curry a wor­thy rea­son to break the silence?  You tell me.

An End to a Big Year


Could­n’t let 2013 slide away with­out one more post.  This has prob­a­bly been the biggest, most impor­tant year of my life so far.  In roughly chrono­log­i­cal order, I:

  • shep­herded Vol. 54 of the William & Mary Law Review through its remain­ing issues
  • grad­u­ated from law school and won some awards
  • moved back to San Francisco
  • stud­ied for, took, and (ulti­mately) passed the Cal­i­for­nia Bar Exam
  • watched an unseemly num­ber of excel­lent TV shows on Hulu, Net­flix, Ama­zon, etc.
  • got mar­ried to Claire and hon­ey­mooned in Greece
  • started my career as an attor­ney in Sil­i­con Valley
  • was admit­ted to the Cal­i­for­nia State Bar and my local fed­eral dis­trict court

Whew.  Unfor­tu­nately all that activ­ity has left lit­tle free time for blog­ging.  I can’t promise that will change in 2014 — not only because work, com­mut­ing, and life’s other oblig­a­tions take up so much time, but also because the need that has always under­girded my blog­ging is mostly sat­is­fied in other, bet­ter ways.  I started blog­ging to cre­ate an out­let for my inter­est in tech­nol­ogy and the law.  Over the past five years, I’ve been on a path to turn that inter­est into a pro­fes­sion.  I no longer feel a deep need to write about tech­nol­ogy law, because I am prac­tic­ing it every­day. (Not to men­tion that, as an attor­ney, I have to be care­ful about how and the extent to which I express my per­sonal opin­ions on top­ics related to clients’ inter­ests).  I do hope to con­tinue to use this space for per­sonal updates and other posts.

Any­way: Happy New Year!  May you be as for­tu­nate in 2014 as I was in 2013.

Summer 2013 Phone Thoughts


I’m start­ing my new job in sev­eral weeks, and I recently had to make a deci­sion about a work phone.  As a gad­get geek I took this deci­sion pretty seri­ously and gave it many hours of thought.  I’ve made my pick, but instead of let­ting all that work fade into the ether, I thought it would be use­ful to record it here for oth­ers who might be in a sim­i­lar position.

There were three basic deci­sions involved:

(1) Keep a sep­a­rate per­sonal plan/​phone or merge it into the firm plan?

(2) iPhone or Android?

(3) If Android, which phone?

My thoughts and answers to each of these ques­tions are found after the jump.  (TL;DR: I picked the Moto X).

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Last Thurs­day, I fin­ished the third and final day of the Cal­i­for­nia Bar Exam, putting an end to two months of con­stant study­ing and tremen­dous stress.  I was pre­vi­ously skep­ti­cal of claims that the bar exam was the hard­est thing peo­ple had gone through in their lives.  Not so skep­ti­cal any­more.  Very glad to have that expe­ri­ence behind me.

I’m now in San Diego vis­it­ing my brother and his fiancée.  The next few weeks are pure free­dom, which is a really odd but really wel­come feel­ing.  I’ll be going to the Out­side Lands music fes­ti­val in Golden Gate Park, vis­it­ing Google to talk to legal assis­tants about law school, plan­ning our hon­ey­moon to Greece (!), and get­ting ready for our wed­ding — includ­ing danc­ing lessons for our first dance!  And of course, watch­ing TV, drink­ing beer, and doing as lit­tle think­ing about the law as possible.