More Tiny Desk Concerts

The Decem­berists play a few tunes from their most recent album, The King Is Dead.

Chris Thile, of Nickel Creek fame, rocks some blue­grass.  Hold on to your faces when the sec­ond song rolls around.

From Bits to Atoms: 3D Printing and the Future of IP

A post I wrote a few months ago about the rise of desk­top 3D print­ing has just been pub­lished to my law school’s Stu­dent Intel­lec­tual Prop­erty Soci­ety blog:

For the past few decades, copy­right law has been strug­gling with the rel­a­tively new abil­ity for the aver­age per­son to cre­ate per­fect dig­i­tal copies of music, videos, images, and text at effec­tively zero cost.  In the com­ing decades, copy­right law will face an entirely new and poten­tially more har­row­ing chal­lenge: the rise of the abil­ity to cre­ate per­fect phys­i­cal copies of pretty much any­thing and every­thing, by any­one and every­one.

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One More Thing*

Apple launched iCloud yes­ter­day, which includes the “iTunes in the Cloud” ser­vice.  Apple is com­par­ing this to Ama­zon and Google’s cloud music offer­ings (see above chart pulled from Apple​.com).  PCMag has a more detailed com­par­i­son chart.

When you duck out­side the warmth of the real­ity-dis­tor­tion field, you real­ize that Apple is offer­ing a sub­stan­tially dif­fer­ent type of ser­vice than Ama­zon and Google.  It’s a lit­tle mis­lead­ing to com­pare them on only the fac­tors Apple has detailed above.

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Want: A True Multi-Platform Game

come play
by-nc-sa /​ jaymiek (Flickr)

This story about how Face­book and Apple are con­nect­ing their credit sys­tems is less inter­est­ing to me for that news than it is for this lit­tle nugget: the new Tom Clancy Ghost Recon game “is being released over the next years on mul­ti­ple plat­forms, includ­ing Face­book, mobile, con­sole and the Inter­net.”

I doubt this means what I want it to mean (not too much time now to research fur­ther)… but wouldn’t it be cool if it means you buy the game once and play it across all those plat­forms?  I don’t mean play­ing par­al­lel ver­sions of the same title on dif­fer­ent plat­forms.  I mean actu­ally play­ing the same game across mul­ti­ple medi­ums.

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