More Tiny Desk Concerts

The Decemberists play a few tunes from their most recent album, The King Is Dead.

Chris Thile, of Nickel Creek fame, rocks some bluegrass.  Hold on to your faces when the second song rolls around.

From Bits to Atoms: 3D Printing and the Future of IP

A post I wrote a few months ago about the rise of desktop 3D printing has just been published to my law school’s Student Intellectual Property Society blog:

For the past few decades, copyright law has been struggling with the relatively new ability for the average person to create perfect digital copies of music, videos, images, and text at effectively zero cost.  In the coming decades, copyright law will face an entirely new and potentially more harrowing challenge: the rise of the ability to create perfect physical copies of pretty much anything and everything, by anyone and everyone.

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One More Thing*

Apple launched iCloud yesterday, which includes the “iTunes in the Cloud” service.  Apple is comparing this to Amazon and Google’s cloud music offerings (see above chart pulled from  PCMag has a more detailed comparison chart.

When you duck outside the warmth of the reality-distortion field, you realize that Apple is offering a substantially different type of service than Amazon and Google.  It’s a little misleading to compare them on only the factors Apple has detailed above.

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Want: A True Multi-Platform Game

come play
by-nc-sa / jaymiek (Flickr)

This story about how Facebook and Apple are connecting their credit systems is less interesting to me for that news than it is for this little nugget: the new Tom Clancy Ghost Recon game “is being released over the next years on multiple platforms, including Facebook, mobile, console and the Internet.”

I doubt this means what I want it to mean (not too much time now to research further)… but wouldn’t it be cool if it means you buy the game once and play it across all those platforms?  I don’t mean playing parallel versions of the same title on different platforms.  I mean actually playing the same game across multiple mediums.

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