Copyright, in your face!

Iron Mike


Just had to point to this copyright litigation over Mike Tyson’s face tattoo.  I hope this doesn’t settle – I really want to read the judge’s fair use analysis.

Seriously though, what a fascinating context for copyright.  Could a court order a tattoo removed or covered if it infringed another’s copyright?  Can a tattoo artist really assert exclusive rights when the medium in which their work is fixed is the skin of another human being?  What counts as “making money” from a tattoo?  Does a tattoo – especially one on the face – become part of the bearer’s persona so as to implicate their exclusive right of publicity?

See?  Copyright is awesome.

  • Mhorwitz

    YES!  YOU CAN COPYRIGHT YOUR FACE AND SUE ANYONE WHO USES YOUR FACE INCLUDING MARKETING COMPANIES THAT ARE NOW BUYING PHOTOS OF YOUR FACE FROM FACE RECOGNITION CAMERAS!!!  They tell you how to do it at  They are not selling anything on this website and they tell you exactly how you can win a lawsuit for anyone who uses your face for anything!!!

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