Law Camp

Tomor­row begins Law Camp, the one week ori­en­ta­tion ses­sion pre­ced­ing the start of “real” classes.  We take our indi­vid­ual and class pho­tos, pledge our­selves to the Honor Code, and are oth­er­wise ini­ti­ated as 1Ls.  We will also meet for the first time in our four­teen Law Offices: the small groups where for the next two years we will prac­tice our writ­ing, speak­ing, inter­view­ing, nego­ti­at­ing, and other impor­tant skills.

I orga­nized a group out­ing last Fri­day via our class’s Face­book group.  We had a really strong show­ing, almost 25 folks.  It was great to get to know some peo­ple before we were all thrown in together at the Wel­come Recep­tion this after­noon.  Every­one seems really nice, smart, and excited about the com­ing adven­ture.  It’s going to be a fun time, I think.