I just fin­ished dri­ving approx­i­mately 3300 miles across the coun­try in my lit­tle Nis­san (and dur­ing the last leg, a big Penske truck) packed to the brim with most of my belong­ings.  It took a week to get from San Fran­cisco to Birm­ing­ham, includ­ing an extra day spent in San Diego and an extra two days in San Anto­nio. After a break at home, we got back on the road to Char­lotte, and then finally Williamsburg.

The deci­sion to take the “south­ern” route across the coun­try was made mostly because I wanted to see my brother in San Diego and visit my friends in San Anto­nio.  It was cer­tainly a fas­ci­nat­ing expe­ri­ence.  We were dri­ving through Ari­zona right when a judge there handed down the deci­sion about their con­tentious immi­gra­tion law.  I saw Mex­ico for the first time, right across the bor­der from El Paso.  I saw “the wall” along the bor­der in a few spots.

Here are some other obser­va­tions from the trek:

  • Ari­zona is really hot.  We got out of the car for, oh, 4 min­utes to put my bike inside.  We were drenched in sweat by the time we got back in.
  • Texas is massive.
  • There are actu­ally some radio show hosts out there who claim that Islam is an instru­ment of the devil.  It was really disturbing.
  • Glen Beck observed on his radio show that his new iPad attempts to cor­rect many words, but it does­n’t attempt to cap­i­tal­ize the word “god.”  “Just point­ing it out,” he said.  “Not say­ing any­thing besides that who­ever pro­grammed this appar­ently did­n’t think ‘god’ ever needed to be cap­i­tal­ized.”  Thanks Glen.
  • There are parts of the coun­try where you hit the “seek” but­ton on the radio and it cycles for­ever with­out find­ing a signal.
  • FedEx trucks appar­ently have a vendetta against me.

I’m now get­ting quickly set­tled into my new digs in Williams­burg.  I’ve been pretty pro­duc­tive the past few days.  The DMV only took 45 min­utes or so.  I have received most of my books via Ama­zon, and I’m all sup­plied up in terms of pens, high­lighters, legal pads, and cof­fee.  I have yet to hang any pic­tures and we still don’t have our own inter­net (thanks unknown neigh­bors!), but oth­er­wise it’s shap­ing up very nicely.  I’ll try to get some pic­tures together soon.

Ori­en­ta­tion starts Mon­day.  Wow.  The first week is called “law camp” and seeks to intro­duce us to the school, our class­mates, and to law school in gen­eral.  Then the real thing starts the fol­low­ing week.  I’m still a mix of excited and ner­vous, but above all I’m just ready to get started instead of hav­ing it build up any­more.  Thanks to our class’s Face­book group, I’ve orga­nized a pre-Camp out­ing on Fri­day, at what is sup­posed to be the best bar in town.  It’ll be good to get to know a few folks before we’re all thrown into the craziness.

More (hope­fully) soon.