I’m Feeling Lucky.

Fri­day was my last day at Google, after two years work­ing for the legal depart­men­t’s Prod­uct Coun­sel team.  It was really hard to turn in my badge and com­puter to HR.  This oppor­tu­nity brought so many pos­i­tive changes to my life — both per­sonal and pro­fes­sional.  I’m eter­nally thank­ful for the entire expe­ri­ence.  I’m leav­ing behind great col­leagues and friends.  It’s also hard to cut myself off from the fire hose of insider infor­ma­tion I could access at Google… but also lib­er­at­ing that I can now talk more freely about the com­pany and its developments.

Tomor­row I set out on my cross-coun­try trek.  It’s excit­ing to pack my entire life in the car and set out across the con­ti­nent for a new adven­ture.  I’m sad to put San Fran­cisco in my rear-view mir­ror for now, but I have a good feel­ing I won’t be a stranger here.  In fact, I’ve already booked a flight back in Octo­ber for my fall break.

Things are already spin­ning up for law school.  I have my ten­ta­tive class sched­ule, and I received an intro­duc­tory packet to my legal skills “law firm,” includ­ing a sim­u­lated pro­file of the fir­m’s his­tory, spe­cial­i­ties, and cul­ture.  No word yet on the details of my fel­low­ship, but I expect I’ll learn more in the com­ing weeks.