Testing Blackbird Pie

Twit­ter just released Black­bird Pie, an (oddly named) tool that makes it easy to gen­er­ate embed­d­a­ble tweets.  Test­ing here:

Josh Ritter’s new album (http://​bit​.ly/​9​u​z​diz) ain’t bad, but to me His­tor­i­cal Con­quests (http://​bit​.ly/​b​9​D​jA9) blows it away.less than a minute ago via Echo­fon

Hm, good start, but needs improve­ment. I like that it car­ries over my pro­file back­ground. The code itself is ridicu­lously long, though, and because it’s HTML-based it picks up all of my blog’s CSS for­mat­ting (thus the weird yel­low high­light­ing). I guess I could dive into my stylesheet and try to fig­ure out what’s going on, but that’s a hur­dle I’m just not will­ing to jump over. I’d pre­fer a sim­pler (Flash?) imple­men­ta­tion. I also think the lay­out could be econ­o­mized even more to save space. I’d much pre­fer the sleeker imple­men­ta­tion shown here.