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One down­side of choos­ing to go to William & Mary is that I’ll have to leave Cal­i­for­nia, a place that I’ve come to really love.  I think (and hope) that I’ll end up here again after law school, and hope­fully dur­ing the inter­ven­ing sum­mers as well.   That said, a cross-coun­try move gives me the oppor­tu­nity to take a cross-coun­try road trip — an oppor­tu­nity I am not hes­i­tat­ing to seize.

My mom is plan­ning to do half the trip with me, and our first stop will be in San Diego where my brother will have just taken up res­i­dence as an ensign in the Navy.  After that we’re con­sid­er­ing a push to Sil­ver City, NM to visit some fam­ily. Next stop: San Anto­nio, where I’ll crash with Tay­lor and Kather­ine while my mom flies home to Birm­ing­ham.  From Texas I’ll go on to Baton Rouge, and then make the rel­a­tively easy jaunt up to Birm­ing­ham.

Phase one of the trip being com­plete, I’ll orga­nize my life and relax a lit­tle with my par­ents before mak­ing the two day trek to Williams­burg, via Greenville or Char­lotte.   All said, I’ll hope­fully only have to spend one night in a hotel, which ain’t too bad.

P.S. Check out embed­ded Earth view in the map above. Sweet!

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