Called it!

It’s not often that I find myself on the antic­i­pa­tory end of trends.  Most of the time on Tropophilia, I am sum­ma­riz­ing or lightly edi­to­ri­al­iz­ing on stuff that has already been thor­oughly dis­cussed in the media or in the blo­gos­phere.

Well, humor me, but I so called this one.

At the end of Octo­ber, I wrote a post called “In Sci­ence, FAIL = WIN.” I preached that the awe­some thing about sci­ence is that even if your exper­i­ment implodes, you can still learn a lot (and maybe more than you would have if your exper­i­ment suc­ceeded).  A failed exper­i­ment is not a use­less exper­i­ment, and a crushed hypoth­e­sis is not one that was formed in vain.

Lo and behold, Wired mag­a­zine chose “FAIL!” as the theme of their Decem­ber issue.  The tagline?  “Why Los­ing Big Can Be A Win­ning Strat­egy.”  This piece takes the same basic tone as mine: embrace the FAIL, because it can lead to new (and per­haps bet­ter) oppor­tu­ni­ties.

One thing that both the mag­a­zine and I leave out: in the moment of the FAIL, it is tough to embrace it or see the oppor­tu­nity.  Some­times the ben­e­fit of the FAIL does not man­i­fest until much later.  Cer­tainly in both a failed rela­tion­ship and failed employ­ment over the past two or three years, I was not able to see that both would lead to much bet­ter and health­ier pos­si­bil­i­ties.  Try­ing to keep a long-term per­spec­tive will make accept­ing and embrac­ing the FAIL much eas­ier.  But that’s eas­ier said than done.

Other Life Updates

I was pro­moted about a month ago to “Legal Assis­tant II.”  Not a func­tional change, but came with a nice lit­tle raise.  I also led the launch of a cool inter­nal tool for our depart­ment; shouldn’t say much about it, but it has been fun to act like a Prod­uct Man­ager for a few months!

Lots of buzz in the the air about all sorts of stuff in the tech world the past sev­eral weeks and months.  What a priv­i­lege it is to be in the mid­dle of it all.